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Stay up to date on the coronavirus and what SMBs and HR pros need to know

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Does Your Small Business Have a Long-Term Pandemic Strategy?

The COVID-19 pandemic upended small business operations. Learn how to create a long-term pandemic strategy that works for employees and your business.

The CDC Updated Its COVID-19 Guidance: Here’s What It Means for Your Workplace

The CDC maintains that COVID-19 “remains an ongoing public health threat.”

Are You Perpetuating Unconscious Unemployment Bias?

Unemployed unconscious bias could hurt your recruiting efforts. Learn the definition of unconscious bias, and how to address it at your business.

HR Headaches: My Employees Have Asked to Work From Home But We Want Them in the Office

Here's how to reach a compromise when employees prefer remote work over in-person work.

How to Support Your Employees With Long COVID

Many people with long COVID initially feel ready to return to work but then require more time off as symptoms reappear.

How to Handle Mask Shaming in the Workplace

Mask shaming is on the rise. Here's how to tackle it at the office.

Why Hiring Freelancers Can Close Your Talent Gap

Here are the ways that hiring freelancers and independent contractors can help your business.

Return to Office: Updating Your Business Travel Policy

Consider these tips when updating your employee travel policy with COVID in mind.

8 Innovative Post-Pandemic Hiring Tactics You Can Use Right Now

Discover 8 ways to overcome hiring challenges in the post-pandemic, new world of work.

What Employers Need to Know About Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

Pandemic unemployment assistance (PUA) has been confusing for both employees and employers. Here's what you need to know.


Which U.S. States Are Reopening? The Complete List of Open and Closed States

Federal guidelines for reopening the country have left the decision to state governors. State, county, and city leaders are taking different approaches when it comes to reopening and lifting lockdowns. Here's what you need to know.

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