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We hope you’re having a relaxing weekend! Inflation is impacting everyone these days — find out how to help your business thrive despite a challenging economy. When it comes to costs, employees that are healthy and productive also help your business to thrive. Here’s how to educate your staff about their medical insurance. It’s more important than ever to hang onto your top workers. Two factors that increase retention and employee satisfaction are professional development and mentorships — discover how to create a professional development map for employees and the 7 characteristics of a great mentor.

Small Business and HR Compliance dates this week:

August 8, 2022

International Cat Day. A pawsitively purrfect day for cat lovers. Now go take a selfie with your kitten right meow. We’re not kitten around. #InternationalCatDay

August 9, 2022

National Book Lovers Day. Celebrate by organizing a book exchange, hosting a book club, or treating yourself to a new book!

August 10, 2022

Employee’s Report of Tips. Employees who make $20 or more in tips the previous month need to report it to their employer using Form 4070.

Colorado’s New Non-Compete Law Effective. The new law significantly limits the enforceability of non-compete agreements for employers with employees working or living in Colorado. This impacts non-compete agreements executed after August 10, 2022.

August 13, 2022

Los Angeles Healthcare Workers Minimum Wage Increase Effective. This ordinance increases the minimum wage to $25 per hour for healthcare workers at privately-owned, Los Angeles-based healthcare facilities.

Managing Increased Costs and Margins In an Inflated World
There are steps businesses can take to remain viable and profitable during this time of inflation. Consider implementing these strategies.

Managing Increased Costs and Margins In an Inflated World

Realizing how the current economy impacts HR and your business is the 1st step toward addressing its harmful effects. Some common strategies to start this process include ensuring your pricing is consistent with the current market conditions or increasing efficiency through process improvement. Read about initiatives you can implement to help ensure your business survives and thrives.


Educating Employees on Medical Insurance: What Should They Know?
To reduce the burden on costs and productivity created by employee illness, HR must prioritize educating employees on health insurance. Here’s how to accomplish that.

Educating Employees on Medical Insurance: What Should They Know?

According to an Integrated Benefits Institute report, illness-related productivity loss costs employers $530 billion annually. However, a study by Maestro Health reveals that about 35% of employees know little to nothing about their healthcare coverage. Discover the critical things all employees must know about health insurance to help them stay well, and some tips on educating them effectively.


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There are free options for managing payroll. But are they right for you or do you need to use a paid payroll software solution? We’ve got the answers.

Payroll Management Software: To Pay or Not to Pay?

When you’re looking at payroll software, it’s natural to wonder if you can get by with free software rather than having to buy something. Free payroll software may get the job done, but it also typically requires more work on your part, and potentially more IT support. Find out more about which kind of payroll software is best for your business.



Professional development can improve your employee retention rate. Here’s how to create a program from scratch.

How to Create a Professional Development Map for Employees

Over 90% of workers have said that development opportunities and training matter. At the same time, 56% of HR professionals believe that the skill gap within their organization is severe. Professional development and upskilling fulfill company needs and boost employee engagement. Here’s how to create professional development maps for your staff.



If your business is growing, you might need to upgrade your accounting software. Here are the 6 best accounting platforms for your organization.

The Best Accounting Platforms for a Growing Business

The objective for most businesses is to grow revenue, but with your success, you may need to adjust your accounting process periodically. That low-cost or free accounting software you started with 2 or 3 years ago may depend on highly manual processes, making accounting tasks impossible to scale with demand. Discover the accounting platform that’s right for your organization.



Mentorships can help you achieve a healthy organization. Here are the qualities a great mentor should have and how they can support mentees.

7 Characteristics of a Great Mentor — and Why They’re Important for Your Business

Mentors play a valuable role in strengthening employee performance. They use their experience to guide knowledgeable workers toward success, ultimately contributing to a happy workforce. In fact, in 1 study, over 91% of workers who have a mentor say they are satisfied with their jobs. Read more about what a mentor does and the characteristics they should have.


POPS The People Podcast

The POPS! Podcast by Zenefits helps small business leaders build people teams and succeed in the new world of work.

How to Make Remote Internships Work

Are interns right for remote work? As the workforce shifts to the virtual world, we have to consider whether interns should, too.

Dan Marzullo, CEO and Founder of Drafted, lays out the pros and cons of remote internships to help you make the best decision for your organization.



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