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It’s that time again … Workest Weekly time! Summer is in full swing; are you making sure your employees are getting some R&R? Here’s why offering PTO boosts workplace well-being and business success (plus how to get your staff to use it). Encouraging vacation time helps foster employee wellness, but having it as a benefit doesn’t automatically equate to a positive workplace culture. Take our quiz to find out if your office culture is positive or negative. Wondering how some organizations have built strong brands and high recruiting rates? Discover examples here.

Small Business and HR Compliance dates this week:

July 18, 2022

Nelson Mandela International Day. The UN officially declared this an international holiday, in honor of Nelson Mandela’s birthday.

July 21, 2022

Get to Know Your Customers Day. This is a quarterly event, and an opportunity to spark conversations with your customer base and thank them for their patronage.


Time off is one of the most important employee benefits, both for workers and businesses. Learn why you should encourage using employee vacation benefits.

Why You Should Encourage Your Employees to Take a Vacation

Vacation time, or paid time off (PTO), typically ranks highly on the list of benefits professionals demand from employers today. However, our survey of more than 1,000 small business employees found that 55% of employees don’t take time off.

If you offer vacation time — or simply paid time off — as part of your employee benefits, you should work to make sure your workforce uses it. When employees use the time off available to them, it can boost your business retention and your results.


Quiz: Is My Company Culture Positive or Negative?
Take this quiz to find out how your company culture stacks up.

Quiz: Is My Company Culture Positive or Negative?

Do you ever think of your workplace culture as having a “personality”? If you do, is it a personality you like and admire or one you dread facing each workday?

Workplace culture gives an organization its character and personality, according to ERC, an HR services firm and data provider. A company’s values, beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, and traditions forms its unique culture — which can be positive or negative.

You’re not likely to tolerate someone with a negative personality, so why tolerate a negative office culture?


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Best Employer Brands of 2022: What Your Small Business Can Learn

Learn how some of the most successful organizations build their brand and attract top talent.

Best Employer Brands of 2022: What Your Small Business Can Learn

There’s been a major change in the way potential candidates are evaluating their job opportunities. Small businesses have an opportunity to attract top candidates by flexing their strong employer brand. If employers can demonstrate that they will provide meaningful work and create an environment that respects employee’s personal lives, they could come out ahead.



Creating a company dress code isn’t easy, and ensuring that policies are evenly enforced can be challenging. Here are tips to help you modernize your policies.

Top 10 Tropical Islands for Remote Work

Predictions reveal that more than a fifth (21.8%) of all workers will be entirely remote by 2024 — we wanted to remind people that “remote working” doesn’t always have to mean working from home. It turns out that the dream of replying to emails and taking client calls from a tiki bar in Hawaii may not be as far from reality as you’d think.



Here’s what employers need to know about the reasons, risks, potential legal consequences, and other considerations for revoking a job offer.

HR Headaches: Rescinding a Job Offer

Sometimes, an employee match seems too good to be true. However, when you realize that a person you’ve agreed to hire isn’t going to fit, what can you do? There are many reasons an employee won’t work within your organization. Taking away a job offer can be a difficult decision, but it is one that you might have to make. 



A New Focus on Mental Health has Permanently Changed the Workplace

Businesses recognize how stress and anxiety are affecting staff members. Maintaining mental wellness and well-being is now in focus.

A New Focus on Mental Health has Permanently Changed the Workplace

If there is a silver lining to the pandemic, it may be a changing attitude toward mental health and wellness. Even the strongest were not immune to anxiety and stress. As we return to whatever the new normal is, COVID will not be forgotten. It may be a model for how we approach and manage mental well-being for our staff members and ourselves.


POPS The People Podcast

The POPS! Podcast by Zenefits helps small business leaders build people teams and succeed in the new world of work.

How Do I Support an Employee Through a Health Crisis?

From long COVID to major injuries, life hits us hard when we least expect it. As an employer, how do you support an employee through a health crisis like this?

Ankur Patel, Director of Product Marketing at Zenefits, and Shelley Dorais, Director of Customer Success and Renewals, both recently experienced major health challenges. They learned firsthand about best practices for caring for employees when life hits them hard.

Listen in to hear their stories and their top takeaways for employers caring for employees through illness and injury.



Join us for just 30 minutes Tuesday, July 19 as we run through how Zenefits not only supports your hiring and onboarding process, but we can help you optimize it.

Join Our Hiring + Onboarding Webinar

I’m sure it’s no surprise that hiring top talent is top of mind for most businesses. 2020 brought us a new world of work, 2021 brought us the Great Resignation, and in 2022 we hope we’re getting an elite and efficient workforce.

Zenefits can help with that last bit by optimizing your hiring and onboarding process. Don’t believe me? We’re hosting a webinar on this very topic this Tuesday — come check it out.


Struggling to attract top talent? Check out insights from Corey Berkey of Employ Inc., the parent company of @Jobvite, @JazzDotCo & @nxtthingrpo, on why hiring “overlooked talent” may be the solution to overcome the #labor shortage. Via @Zenefits

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