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Happy first week of July! We hope your 4th was filled with delicious food, lots of sunshine, and fun fireworks. Kick off the month (and second half of the year) right with our free July small business and HR compliance calendar. Curious how to best attract and retain talent at your organization? Check out these top talent management trends that will continue to be popular in 2022 and beyond. Layoffs are impacting companies across the country right now. If your business is facing the possibility of letting employees go, here’s why it’s crucial to have a plan in place.

Small Business and HR Compliance dates this week:

July 4, 2022

4th of July. The Fourth of July, aka Independence Day, is a federally observed holiday.

July 7, 2022

National Workaholic Day. “Hi, my name is … and I’m a workaholic.” National Workaholic Day examines the negative effects of work addiction and importance of work-life balance.

July 10, 2022

National Kitten Day. #NationalKittenDay. Have your employees send it photos of their adorable kittens.

The Fourth of July, Get to Know Your Customers Day, IRS deadlines — stay on top of all that’s happening this month with our July calendar.

Free Small Business and HR Compliance Calendar: July 2022

Happy July! We’re officially halfway through 2022. Kick off the second half of the year the right way by downloading our July small business and HR compliance calendar. It’s chock full of holidays, social media dates, and compliance events to have on your radar.

Download your copy of our calendar and refer to it throughout the month!



Top Talent Management Trends For 2022

By combining traditional and agile methods to manage your talent, your business can maximize efficiency while maintaining the creativity and innovation that comes with agility.

Top Talent Management Trends for 2022

Talent management should be top of mind for your organization. Ideally, your company’s approach to talent management attracts and retains its talent.

Your mission should be building and maintaining your employees to achieve company goals. It’s also in your best interest to protect your employees from:

  • Inflation
  • Climate change
  • Health uncertainties

Keeping up with the latest trends will pay off for years to come. Here are 6 trends that will continue to be popular in 2022 and beyond.


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Nobody enjoys letting staff go. Read these tips for how to lay off employees compassionately and manage difficult situations effectively.

Why Does Your Layoff Strategy Matter?

The restructuring of employees, resulting in layoffs, is a common way for management to cut costs in the short term. In the last 2 years, though, layoffs have occurred more often due to an uncertain economy. Business owners who’ve worked through all other alternatives before deciding to lay off staff should have a plan in place.



Are you ready to fine-tune employee scheduling? With staffing shortages, you need these 8 tips to create the best schedules for your organization.

How to Fine-Tune Your Employee Scheduling

Keeping your business well staffed is challenging, especially when many industries are dealing with hiring shortages. Companies are putting more value on their employee scheduling process, but it’s difficult to juggle the needs of staff members. HR leaders and managers must ensure that employees get enough hours and receive their schedules promptly.



Here’s why it’s not a good idea to ask a candidate to resign from their current position before you send them a formal contract.

HR Headaches: Asking a New Hire to Resign From Their Job Before Sending Them a Contract

If your company has a longer process in place for getting contracts and offer letters approved and sent out, can you ask your candidate to resign from the current position before they receive a formal contract? Most candidates will not resign from their current job without a contract in hand, and with good reason.



Here’s what employers need to know about 2022 ACA guidelines and changes to the ACA Health Insurance Marketplace for 2023.

Affordable Care Act Requirements for 2022-2023

Annual changes to the federal health insurance marketplace, coupled with ACA requirements, are meant to help both employees and employers get more fair coverage. And employers play a critical role in assisting employees in finding better and more affordable options. But before you can jump in, it helps to know the new changes.


POPS The People Podcast

The POPS! Podcast by Zenefits helps small business leaders build people teams and succeed in the new world of work.

Why You Should Consider the Imperfect Candidate

Every hiring manager wants to find the absolute best candidate they can for an open position at their company, but is that the best approach? 

Lora Patterson, Senior People Ops Advisor at TriNet Zenefits, says the answer is actually no. If you want to find the best new hires for your company, you should strongly consider imperfect candidates. What does that mean? And why on earth would anyone do that? Listen to this episode to find out.



70% of companies report their performance management process as below average.

Join Our Performance Management Webinar

Don’t get stuck as the company where 4 out of 5 employees are dissatisfied with their performance reviews. Get insight in real-time of what employees are doing and feeling when setting up for success aligned with their goals. Register for our performance management webinar now.


Return to work, vaccinations, medical accommodations - employers are still dealing with this stuff. Check out our interview with @Zenefits on the issues!

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