Workest Weekly: Supplemental Benefits Your Employees May Need in 2023, Tips for Hiring and Retaining Seasonal Employees, How to Appropriately Celebrate Thanksgiving at Work

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We hope your November is off to a great start! This Friday is Veterans Day — discover ways to honor your veteran employees and customers for their service. Seasonal hiring is in full swing for many businesses. Read about smart strategies for hiring and retaining your top seasonal employees. Thanksgiving is already just a few weeks away! Check out tips for celebrating the holiday appropriately at work. Finally, supplemental benefits can help attract and retain employees. Explore the different types your staff may need in 2023 and what you need to know about them.

Small Business and HR Compliance dates this week:

November 8

Election Day: Employees have a voice, and whether legally required or not, employers should give time off to vote so they can be heard.

November 11

Veterans Day: Veterans Day is a federal holiday that honors our service men and women who were/are in the armed forces, including those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

November 13

World Kindness Day: Spread kindness! Promote the importance of being kind to each other, to yourself, and to the world.

Supplemental Benefits Your Employees May Need in 2023
Discover the types and advantages of supplemental benefits for both your employees and your business with this guide.

Supplemental Benefits Your Employees May Need in 2023

Strong benefits packages are vital to attracting and retaining qualified workers. You already provide group medical insurance to your employees — and that’s great! But what if they need more medical services than what your plan supplies?

To help fill the gap, you can offer supplemental benefits. Discover the types of supplemental benefits your employees may value in 2023, why they’re important, and what to consider when offering them.


Seasonal Hiring Begins: How Can Your SMB Compete?
When it comes to seasonal hiring, you’ll need to be creative as you compete for talent and be innovative in how to market.

Seasonal Hiring Begins: How Can Your SMB Compete?

Hiring for the holiday season has begun across the country. For many small to medium-sized businesses, the competition for already scarce talent is worsening. Retail giants anticipate fewer seasonal hires for 2022, but their demands are stretching the limits of available workers for everyone. Here’s how to stay competitive and hire great seasonal workers.


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Even though celebrating Thanksgiving in the office isn’t as straightforward as it once was, the American culture is becoming more educated and aware of different ways to view traditional holidays.

How to (Appropriately) Celebrate Thanksgiving at Work

From Columbus Day to Thanksgiving, holidays have taken on (sometimes contentious) new meanings in recent years. As with most things, there are multiple perspectives about Thanksgiving; if not approached from an inclusive perspective, the holiday can be contentious. Read this guide for things to keep in mind to appropriately celebrate Thanksgiving at work.



Here are 6 tips for how to show appreciation to military veteran employees, customers, contractors, and their families.

6 Ways to Show Appreciation for Veteran Employees and Contractors

To increase job satisfaction among veterans who have faithfully served in even the hardest of times, it’s essential to honor them every day — and especially on Veterans Day. Celebrating veterans isn’t only important to those who have served. It’s also important to those who have family who have served. Here are 6 ways to show appreciation to veteran employees, customers, contractors, and their families.



Holiday and temporary workers are vital to many businesses. Try these techniques to encourage your top seasonal employees to return each year.

How to Keep Seasonal Employees Happy and Coming Back

For businesses that rely on major sales during the holiday season, seasonal workers are absolutely critical. Once you find stellar seasonal workers, you’ll want them to return each year. This way, you don’t have to spend a lot of time sourcing, hiring, and training new seasonal employees. Discover ways to retain your top seasonal workers.



Do not confuse payroll calendars with payroll checklists. Though they share overlapping features, they are essentially different.

What Is a Payroll Calendar — and How Do You Make One?

Payroll calendars — yearly documents outlining important payroll dates — are an essential business tool. Employers use these calendars to inform employees of their pay schedule and to support timely paycheck processing. Find out more about why payroll calendars are important and exactly what to include in them.


POPS The People Podcast

The POPS! Podcast by Zenefits helps small business leaders build people teams and succeed in the new world of work.

Organizational Design — How to Do It Right

HR organizational design is the administration and execution of an organization’s strategic plan. Ultimately, it’s about creating the best fit between the strategic choice of the organization and the organization setting. So how do you do it successfully?

Catie Grigsby, Senior Product Marketing Manager at TriNet Zenefits, shares her insight into how to do organizational design right.



58% of candidates decline offers due to poor candidate experience.

Join Our Recruiting Webinar

Plain and simple — candidates have options. On average, there are 2 open job positions for every individual on the job market. Applicants can take their time and make the right decision without feeling as much pressure as they may have in the past.

What’s that mean for businesses? You need to deliver a great hiring and onboarding experience from day one.


Organizational development could make your business run more efficiently. It helps you succeed to achieve your goals and promotes growth. @Zenefits #OrganizationalDevelopment #HR #FutureOfWork

— Kate Sberna
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