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Tomorrow we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Two of the best ways we can honor his legacy are by treating each other with respect and kindness and working toward social and racial justice. With that in mind, we have a toxic workplace checklist that business leaders can use as a guide to help ensure that their work environments are equitable and positive. We also have an ADA reasonable accommodation checklist to help employers navigate ADA compliance and inclusion. The start of a new year is a great time to review what trends to look out for. If you’re an HR professional, we’ve got a list for you.

Also, it’s already mid-January — have you downloaded our free 2023 HR compliance calendar and guide yet?

Small Business and HR Compliance dates this week:

January 16, 2023

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. #MLKDay is a federal holiday observed on the 3rd Monday of January marking the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 19, 2023

Get To Know Your Customers Day. The perfect day to reach out to your customers and get to know them better. It occurs on the 3rd Thursday of each quarter. #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay

Read about upcoming forecasted trends and innovations in human resources for the year ahead.

HR in 2023: Trends to Watch For

What can we expect for HR in 2023? Although no one has a crystal ball, the past year has seen its share of interesting trends.

Even with layoffs dominating the headlines, there are bright spots in the market:

  • Most workers report feeling happy and satisfied in their jobs.
  • The Great Resignation may be waning as the flexible scheduling and compensation strategies are now helping HR professionals retain their employees.

All of this leads to a positive HR outlook in the new year. As more employers take a “people-first” approach to attracting and developing their team, HR professionals are being increasingly called upon to help make strategic business decisions.


Is “Quiet Promotion” Going On in Your Company? How to Find Out and Fix It
There was “quiet quitting,” then “quiet firing.” Now there’s “quiet promotion.” Find out more about this latest workplace trend and why it’s a problem.

Is “Quiet Promotion” Going On in Your Company? How to Find Out and Fix It

Quiet promotion is the managerial practice of increasing employees’ workloads and responsibilities without a pay increase, title change, or formal recognition of the additional duties. However, an overloaded, undercompensated workforce could be a problem when productivity, retention, and overall job satisfaction are at stake.

Find out if quiet promotion is lurking in your company — and how to undo it.


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Federal and some state laws require companies to provide ADA reasonable accommodations if an employee asks for support.

ADA Reasonable Accommodation Checklist for Small Businesses

The Americans With Disabilities Act stipulates that businesses should provide support for workers with disabilities if requested. Employers don’t have to agree to changes that could bankrupt them, but if they choose to invest in accommodations, employers can reduce costs with tax credits. We’ve created this brief guide and checklist to help small businesses and HR managers navigate accommodations.



Does your company have employees in different states? Read this guide to learn essential tips for payroll tax laws, compliance, and more.

Your Roadmap for Multi-State Payroll

Multi-state payroll is about managing payroll for employees in different states. This includes paying wages, withholding and reporting taxes, and administering benefits for employees in multiple states. Payroll taxes, wage and hour laws, and many other regulatory factors contribute to the complex nature of multi-state payroll. Use this guide to help you navigate and achieve multi-state payroll compliance.



Is it time to supercharge your interview process? Try these useful tips for optimizing your interviews to find the best talent possible and streamline workflows.

Tips for Optimizing the Interview Process for Candidates

The wrong hire can cost companies between $17,000 and $240,000. Instead of risking revenue to follow behind new hires, companies should look at their recruiting process. It’s worth the effort to spend money wisely by interviewing, training, and retaining the right people. Try these tips to save time and money by optimizing the interview process.



This comprehensive toxic workplace checklist will help you to identify, manage, and transform a negative work environment into a healthy workplace.

Toxic Workplace Checklist: Identify and Resolve Conflicts

One out of 5 employees will leave their workplace due to negative workplace culture. Toxic workplaces cost businesses not just money (turnover in 2021 cost $2.4 trillion) but also lost productivity and innovation. HR and People Ops teams can use this checklist to help prevent and resolve a toxic workplace.


POPS The People Podcast

The POPS! Podcast by Zenefits helps small business leaders build people teams and succeed in the new world of work.

What Words Do I Use in an Employee Termination?

Having a conversation with an employee about why you’re letting them go is never fun. Sometimes it can even be difficult or challenging.

In this episode, Jill Shroyer, Founder and CEO of Expedition HR and best-selling author of the book Conquer Sticky Situations, shares helpful phrasing for when you need to let someone go. This five-step formula will give you the basics to handle any tough conversation. She also shares some tips to accommodate for the nuanced “what if” scenarios.



Download this free comprehensive guide and calendar with 100+ key dates, deadlines, and reminders for HR staff.

2023 HR Compliance Calendar and Guide

Navigating federal compliance is no easy feat.

That’s why we created the 2023 HR Compliance Calendar + Guide for small and midsize businesses.

What comes in each download?

Professionally created — and legally vetted — assets that integrate with iCalendar, Google Calendar, and Outlook. You’ll get 100+ key dates and protocols for:

What’s included:

  • ACA compliance
  • Tax deadlines
  • Workplace compliance rules and regulations
  • Anti-discrimination regulations
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Breach of personal HIPAA data
  • And much more!


Has your company implemented a people operations strategy?

Here's how to align your strategy for the 5-stage business cycle. #peopleoperations

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