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What project management tools are among your favorites?

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What types of perks do you think will attract Gen Zers the most?

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What should I know before expanding into California?

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Marijuana in the Workplace FAQs

Marijuana can be a hazy issue for small business owners. Here's what you need to know about drug tests, policies, and more.

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Reasons 2019 Might Be The Best Year Ever To Get A Small Businesses Loan

Approval rates for small business loan applications rose to a post-recession record at big banks in the month of August, and the Federal Reserve has just cut interest rates. With money flowing, best year for entrepreneurs who seek bank financing.

Los Angeles Times

California Gov signs major bill changing independent contractor law

California Governor, Gavin Newsom, signed bill AB 5, which impacts the use of independent contractors in the state. Under the law, effective January 1, all workers are considered employees of a business unless their work can be defined as independent as specified by the ABC test the California Supreme Court set last year. Many experts suggest it could have sweeping impact on the “gig economy.”


Millennials share their retirement plans on Twitter — let’s just say it’s not good

The hashtag #millennialretirementplans took off on Twitter Tuesday morning, and millennials (those ages 23 to 38) chimed in with their retirement plans. Many tweets were about the barriers to retirement, including health care costs, student loan debut, low incomes, high rents and family responsibilities for children and parents.


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